A 12-year-old boy has become a YouTube sensation with a challenge to President Barack Obama about the future of the country.

“I want to talk to you about your vision for this nation,” Coreco "CJ" Pearson says in the video addressing the president. 

“I also want to talk about my vision for my generation with you," he stated. "Because like you, I want to give my generation some change that they can believe in, Mr. President. I want to give them a future that they can count on.” 

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Pearson said he wants to engage in a "meaningful discussion" with Obama about the country's future. 

"My generation deserves answers and they deserve a future,” he stated. "I will do whatever it takes to fight for that future."

Pearson appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning (watch above) to discuss his latest viral video and how he would question Obama. 

"My questions would be quite direct, quite straightforward," Pearson said. "I wouldn't stick to the softballs, because I believe if he's going to be the leader of the free world he deserves to be questioned appropriately."

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Pearson also shared what he thinks about Hillary Clinton. 

"She's one of the most narcissistic, self-centered politicians to this day," he stated. "She's plagued with scandal and does not deserve to be a candidate for the White House. What I would rather say is that she deserves to be a candidate for the federal penitentiary."

Watch his fiery remarks below.