Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) weighed in on "Justice" to discuss the chance that an ISIS-inspired terror attack could occur in the U.S. 

"Well, ISIS is calling for calamity for the infidels, they are urging martyrdom during Ramadan," Zeldin told Judge Jeanine Pirro. "With the violence that we've seen around the world in the last few days, it's clear that radical Islamic extremism is still on the rise ... We have to do more about it."

He said the lone wolf attacks that ISIS is calling for have increased because the attacks are easy to plan and execute. 

"There is a real threat to be vigilant for," Zeldin stated. "We could tell Americans everything is okay and nothing is going to happen. The fact is, there is a very real threat."

Zeldin also discussed the Iranian nuclear deal and said Obama is "a terrible negotiator."   

"The world needs America to lead and when America doesn't lead, a vacuum is created," Zeldin stated. "We are seeing it in Iran [and] we are seeing it in Iraq." 

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