British police have recovered a relic believed by some to be the Holy Grail, the cup Christ drank from at the Last Supper.  

West Mercia Police said it tracked down the Nanteos Cup and returned the wooden chalice to its owner.  

It allegedly was stolen last July during a burglary in the United Kingdom.

The Telegraph reported:

A spokesman for the force said as a result of the coverage, they received "several significant lines of inquiry from anonymous sources".

Police have been tight-lipped on the circumstances of exactly how the cup was recovered but did say it had been handed to officers "on neutral ground" in a pre-arranged meeting, on Friday June 19.

The police spokesman said: "An anonymous source came forward after seeing the Crimewatch appeal, which resulted in it being physically handed in.

"Some people may class it as the Holy Grail, but that's only speculation," the spokesman stated. "As far as the police are concerned this is a treasured object, and we are happy to have reunited it with its rightful owners. We take the theft of any item very seriously."

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