Some tourists in Great Britain seem to think it's a good idea to mess with the soldiers who make up the Queen's Guard. 

In a video that's going viral, this young person was very forcefully reminded that you can only go so far...

After walking alongside the marching guard outside Windsor Castle, the teen places his hand on the soldier's shoulder right near his firearm. 

"Get back from the Queen's Guard!" the guard suddenly yells out, pointing his bayonet at the startled tourist.

The guards are a popular attraction for visitors to the U.K. due to their famously stoic demeanor and formal military dress.

The Ministry of Defense reviewed the guard's response and deemed it to be appropriate.

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Watch the incident below:

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Just last week, a tourist was caught standing in the way of the marching Guards outside Buckingham Palace. Instead of stopping, the Guards simply marched right through him. 

That footage (below) has been viewed nearly 8 million times.