New video shows the terrifying moment that a magic show stunt almost turned deadly. 

Escape artist Spencer Horsman ended up unable to get out of a closed water tank in which he was submerged and restrained.

In the chaotic scene, crew members rushed toward the tank, which was suspended above the stage, in a frantic attempt to free Horsman in time.

The tank was quickly lowered to the stage. The crew members were then able to rescue Horsman, though the video ends before that happens.

According to a report, Horsman has recovered and is expected to resume performances soon.

Horsman, who starred on "America's Got Talent," was rehearsing for a Criss Angel show called "Supernaturalists" at a Connecticut casino.

After the mishap, Angel decided to push back the show's opening by a few days.

Watch the video below. 

Note: the footage could be disturbing to some.