Authorities have killed one escaped inmate and are pursuing the second in upstate New York.

Escaped convict Richard Matt, 48, was shot and killed by police this afternoon in a remote area of Franklin County, N.Y.

Authorities are now on the hunt for 35-year-old David Sweat, the second escaped prisoner. He is believed to be armed and dangerous.

UPDATE, 9:00p ET: Authorities said tonight at a press conference that there has been no confirmed sighting of Sweat. Matt was carrying a 20-gauge shotgun when he was fatally shot, said state police superintendent Joseph D'Amico.

Sources say law enforcement personnel spotted Matt in the woods at about 3:45 p.m. today after the owner of a camper called 911 to report that he had spotted the two escaped inmates.

The Press-Republican reported that the shooting happened on Route 30 near the intersection of Route 41/Fayette Road, which is close to the cabin where Matt had been Thursday. Sources say a Customs Border Protection agent fired the fatal shot that killed Matt.

Matt’s half-brother, Wayne Schimpf, went “On The Record” following the news of Matt’s death.

Schimpf said he’s “very, very relieved that this is finally over.” He told Van Susteren that Matt threatened him after Schimpf testified against him in a murder trial.

“I can put the last 20 years of living in fear behind me,” he said. 

Matt and Sweat have evaded authorities for three weeks since they brazenly escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y.

Roads in and around Malone are reportedly blocked off as law enforcement personnel pursue Sweat. reported:

Matt and Sweat used power tools to saw through a steel cell wall and several steel steam pipes, bashed a hole through a 2-foot-thick brick wall, and squirmed through pipes to escape.

Sweat was serving a sentence of life without parole in the killing of a sheriff's deputy in Broome County in 2002. Matt was serving 25 years to life for the killing and dismembering of his former boss.

A civilian worker at the prison has been charged with helping the killers flee by giving them hacksaw blades, chisels and other tools.

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