Greg Gutfeld took on “lazy” media outlets that cited a flawed new study which claims that right-wing extremists have killed more people in the United States than Islamic extremists.

“The Five” co-host noted that the study by New America omits all the lives claimed in the 9/11 terror attacks. The study only counts deaths that occurred after the terror attack that claimed 3,000 lives.

“That’s like saying, ‘Since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, attacks on Pearl Harbor by Japan have decreased,’” Gutfeld remarked. “It’s like saying that since breakfast, I haven’t had another breakfast.”

Gutfeld said that the study ignores the fact that America’s response to 9/11 has reduced attacks from extremists.

“Instead of crediting those who’ve thwarted attacks, you have these bozos […] using the reduction to fabricate an absurd comparison,” he said.

Gutfeld said that the media’s reporting on this study proves “how readily the mindless media embraces such glop.”

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