An Alabama boy's quick actions saved his grandfather from drowning after the two were thrown from a jet ski. 

Six-year-old Gram Flowers and his grandpa, Carl Flowers, were out on the Tennessee River on Father's Day, enjoying the family's new boat.

When a wave crashed into Gram and Carl, both were thrown into the water. Carl, 67, hit his head and suffered a concussion. 

"He was just laying there with his mouth and nose underwater," Gram recalled. 

Carl said he wouldn't be here today if not for the heroism displayed by his grandson.

According to, the rest of the family was on the boat trying to take care of some engine problems while Gram and Carl went for the jet ski ride.

The family finally got the boat to start and when they caught up with the jet ski, Gram was in the driver's seat and Papa Carl was lying on the back.

"At first, we thought it was so cute that Gram was pretending to drive," David Flowers, Gram's father, told "We then realized something was wrong and got Carl, who was unable to move, onto the boat and called a boat ambulance."

After Carl was taken to a hospital, the family quickly realized that six-year-old Gram had saved his life. 

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