A former Delaware charter school principal spent nearly $128,000 worth of school money on personal expenses, according to an audit.

A report by the state’s auditor said that then-Academy of Dover principal Noel Rodriguez spent $127,866 on personal items, including alcohol, a 55-inch TV, a treadmill and $2,000 worth of Christmas decorations. Other personal purchases included a $400 PlayStation 4 video game console, $11,433 in restaurant bills, a chainsaw, monogrammed pens and a lawn mower.

The audit also found that Rodriguez used school money to pay legal fees for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Additionally, the auditor couldn’t determine whether $129,458 went to school or personal expenses.

The audit claimed that Rodriguez took advantage of weaknesses in the state’s oversight procedure.

Rodriguez, who earned an annual income of $120,000, left the school last September at the request of the board.

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