Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) weighed in on "Special Report" tonight about the Senate passing the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill and the Supreme Court's imminent ruling on ObamaCare subsidies.

Bret Baier noted that in the past Cruz was a big supporter of free trade, but asked why he voted against the bill today. Cruz told Baier that "two things have changed." 

He explained that WikiLeaks released a portion of the text within the trade and services agreement, which "explicitly contemplates changing immigration laws of member countries."

"Over and over again we had been assured there were no changes in immigration laws, that leak was one material change," Cruz stated. "A second material change was the backroom Washington deals that were cut on the export and import bank."

He told Baier that he voted against the bill today because those two changes were "too much."

Cruz added that "leadership in Washington is not listening to the American people back home" and that "conservatives across this country are frustrated."

The 2016 presidential hopeful also discussed the Affordable Care Act, stating that "under no circumstances should Republicans in Congress extend ObamaCare."

"If the Supreme Court rules as many observers expect, it will conclude that the Obama IRS violated federal law and illegally imposed billions of dollars in taxes on millions of Americans," Cruz said. 

Watch more above.

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