Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mt.) is calling on the head of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to be fired after he received a letter informing him that his data had been hacked.

Daines said he received the letter a few days ago from the OPM, following the massive cyberattack that impacted an estimated 18 million federal employees. 

"It shows the complete incompetence of the federal government. ... Heads need to roll. People need to be held accountable. I think the director of the OPM should be fired," Daines said on Fox Business Network this afternoon, explaining that the letter does not say specifically when he was hacked.

Neil Cavuto said he worries about how severe the threat has gotten if a U.S. senator's information is not safe. 

Daines said he's far more worried about information belonging to U.S. intelligence or military personnel being compromised by Chinese hackers. 

"We have men and women involved across the globe in intelligence and counter-intelligence. Their data may have been hacked, and that puts our intelligence operations at risk," said Daines.

He said if this type of breach happened in the private sector, people would be quickly fired. The head of the OPM, Katherine Archuleta, has said she would not step down.

Watch the interview above.