In a "Kelly File" exclusive interview, Megyn Kelly sat down with Traci Johnson, the Oklahoma woman who was nearly beheaded in a horrific 2014 workplace attack. Johnson, who worked on the production line at Vaughan Foods, walked Megyn through the entire harrowing experience.

Johnson told Megyn that she had a couple of confrontations with Alton Nolen the day he attacked her and beheaded Colleen Hufford. 

"I don't like it when somebody's not wanting to work and wanting to do their job," Johnson stated of Nolen. "So I called him a spoiled brat and lazy. Then he kind of laughed a little bit and laughed that off."

She said that while they were working, Nolen started making racist statements.  

"He started being racist, [saying] 'I hate white people I beat white people up,'" Johnson told Megyn.

Johnson, along with two other coworkers who heard Nolen's comments, went to the supervisor's office to write a statement about what had just occurred.

Nolen confronted Johnson again, and as a result, was suspended and escorted out of the building.

What were you doing at the time of your coworker's beheading? 

Later on, Johnson said she was changing her clothes in the locker room at Vaughan Foods when she heard someone screaming.

She told Megyn at the time she couldn't actually tell someone was being hurt.

"Um, I stood in there and then I didn't hear the screaming anymore, the fighting, I guess that is what was going on because I didn't see all of that," Johnson explained. "And next thing you know, somebody comes around the corner and yells some stuff so we all go look, and Colleen's laying on the ground ... in the office."

Johnson said there was blood all over Nolen when she saw him and that he seemed "crazy."

"His eyes were like huge," Johnson shared. "I've never seen somebody's eyes so big in my life. They were huge ... and I couldn't move ... I couldn't move an inch."

What happened when Nolen got to you?

Johnson told Megyn that Nolen started slicing her neck when he reached her. 

"[He] got a hold of my face, and got a hold of my right index finger, and wouldn't stop," she said. "And I'm screamin' for help and didn't think anybody was going to come around."

Johnson said she was calling for help and screaming at the same time.

She told Megyn that Nolen got within a millimeter of cutting her jugular cord and that she thinks he was trying to decapitate her. 

"It happened quickly but seemed to last forever," Johnson remarked.

How long was the ordeal? 

Johnson stated that she didn't know Mark Vaughan, the man who came to help her.

She said when Vaughan came around the corner, he was yelling at Nolen to get off of her, but he wouldn't.

"He told Nolen to get off of me. I think he shot him the first time and it missed him," Johnson explained. "And that's when Nolen got off of me and made a mad dash for Mr. Vaughan ... and that's when he shot him two more times."

She said Nolen was shot in "the left abdomen" and that he was conscious, but didn't say anything. 

Johnson said the entire ordeal lasted between five and ten minutes. 

Do you feel responsible for what happened?

Johnson told Megyn it still bothers her that Hufford was killed.

"...I can't let go of it," Johnson said. "I can't let go of Colleen not being here, and a lot of it, I am going to be honest with you, I feel like is my fault ... because of what happened, but everybody tells me it's not."

She explained that she thinks the confrontation she had with Nolen earlier in the day caused him to attack.

"...It still bothers me quite a bit because she was supposed to be here too," Johnson said of Hufford. 

Megyn asked Johnson how she feels when she sees a photo of Nolen.

"It angers me. It hurts ... it makes me sick that somebody would do something to some people that it didn't deserve to be done to," Johnson replied. 

Johnson recalled that she prayed for someone to come save her and it happened. 

"I had guardian angels all around me," Johnson remarked.