When America leads from behind, who meets our enemies head on?

Jordan’s King Abdullah gives Fox News Reporting unprecedented access to his life and country as he fights two wars at once.

Go on patrol with the Jordanian military at the front lines with ISIS and the Syrian regime.

Hear the heartrending stories of Christians and Muslims fleeing torture, massacres and chemical weapons attacks.

In an exclusive Fox News investigation, learn about a controversial modern-day underground railroad of hope to America for Christians who believe they’ve lost their ancestral homeland forever.

Head into the birthplace of a notorious terrorist, and find out from ISIS sympathizers themselves why they are supporting the barbarous terrorist movement.

Listen to the impassioned plea for help from a Free Syrian Army general, bitterly disappointed that we let Syria cross the red line.

King Abdullah also reveals for the first time the reasons he is such an aggressive defender of all faiths in the Middle East and how he plans to continue the fight – alone if he has to, but preferably with the help of America.

In a preview clip above, meet Salwan Mokhtar, a Christian who fled his home because of ISIS.

Mokhtar said that ISIS seized his house and made it into military headquarters. The terror group took the property of Christians across Mosul and bombed their churches.

“We left all our belongings, but we took with us our Christianity,” Mokhtar said.

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