Two California law enforcement officers who were murdered by an illegal immigrant are being honored with a new bill, which aims to increase collaboration between local, state and federal officials in the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Placer County Detective Michael Davis, Jr. and Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver were shot and killed in October 2014 by Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte - an illegal immigrant who was previously arrested and deported in 1997 for drug possession and again in 2001 for an unspecified offense.

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Pam Davis Owens, aunt of Davis and a former law enforcement officer herself, appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to explain The Michael Davis, Jr. and Danny Oliver in Honor of State and Local Law Enforcement Act.

She said that the legislation, which was introduced by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), would ensure that U.S. immigration policies are carried out, not ignored.

"If we just obey the laws that we have, deport these people. Don’t let them in here. We’ll be okay," Davis said. "We don’t need more laws. We need to enforce what we have, and that’s what Sen. Sessions is trying to do."

Davis added that she holds California Gov. Jerry Brown personally responsible for her nephew and Oliver's deaths.

"He got right up on stage and told the illegals they were welcome in the state of California," Davis said. "And by welcoming the illegals in, he’s bringing more in. We don’t need more. We need to stop the illegal immigration and protect our citizens and our law enforcement."

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