"Red Eye" returned overnight with new host Tom Shillue, who welcomed comedian Jeff Ross for the first "Too Good for the Panel" interview. 

Ross discussed his new Comedy Central show, "Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail."

He said he was "lucky" that the Texas facility let him in to perform for the inmates. Ross, who has performed for U.S. troops serving in the Middle East, said in both cases he felt like the audience was in need of a laugh. 

"There's something really beautiful about performing for the troops. This thing with the inmates was more of an intervention of sorts, trying to get them to laugh, trying to see the human side of what it's like in a jail. Jail sucks," he said. 

Shillue asked about potential critics who will say that Ross should not be "making fun" of inmates in the same way he roasts celebrities.

Ross said 90 percent of inmates will be free again at some point in their lives. 

"Those are our neighbors, that's our community. So to give them a little bit of levity, a little bit of hope and give them a chance to laugh at their situation, I think is one more step toward rehabilitating them." 

What about those who would say that criminals should not get to see a comedy show? Shillue asked. 

"My jokes are outlawed by the Geneva Conventions, so we're actually harder on criminals than anyone else," Ross joked.

Watch the interview above, plus a clip of Ross' hilarious new show below.

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