A Missouri woman says she’s been threatened with jail time over a sandy sidewalk.

Georgianna Reid replaced the grass on her Kansas City lawn with sand three years ago in an effort to go green. She said she got permission from the city to do so, and she has the sidewalks cleaned every 10 days.

But now, she’s being threatened with jail time because of the sand that keeps washing up on the sidewalk when it rains. Last week, she received a letter that said she had until June 28 to clean up the sidewalk, or else she will have to go to court.

She could face a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail for the offense.

Reid said she’s dying of liver disease and may not even have that long.

“I was going to take the sand out of the front yard so there would never be a letter like this again,” Reid told Fox 4.

Reid said she may replace the sand with concrete or black-top.

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