There's a new bombshell in the criminal case that sparked riots in the city of Baltimore and protests across the country.

Megyn Kelly said the details of Freddie Gray's autopsy report were leaked today by The Baltimore Sun. In it, a medical examiner found that Gray suffered a "high-energy injury" while riding in a Baltimore police van. 

Kelly also noted that the medical examiner concluded that Gray's death was a "medical and legal accident and only ruled a homicide because she was told the police failed to belt Gray into the van."

Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, criminal defense attorney Arthur Aidala and former prosecutor Mark Eiglarsh weighed in on "The Kelly File" tonight to discuss whether the autopsy report can serve as the basis for the charges against the six indicted Baltimore police officers.

Baden noted that the autopsy report "doesn't stand by itself" and that it needs to be fully released.

"Freddie Gray was in the hospital for seven days. They did a lot of work on him at the hospital," Baden said. "They evaluated him, they did tests on him on the day he came in. Seven days later when ... he's dead ... things have changed a bit."

Kelly agreed with Baden and questioned why none of the reports have been released surrounding the time Gray was hospitalized. 

Eiglarsh added that the prosecution doesn't have "a beyond a reasonable doubt" murder case. 

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