Country music star John Rich tonight told Sean Hannity that he thinks the South Carolina statehouse's Confederate flag should come down.

The new push to remove the flag is coming after the horrific shooting last week at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where nine people were killed.

The flag has flown in front of the state capitol for at least 15 years after being removed from atop the statehouse dome, Fox News reported. 

Rich told Sean Hannity that he only really cares about one flag - the American flag. 

"I think that’s the end of the argument right there," Rich stated. "I think we can go on ad nauseam about this forever. If something's bringing pain, [...] I just don’t see the point of continuing to go forward with it."

He also praised South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for calling for the flag's removal.

"I applaud that and I think she’s right," Rich added. 

Watch the video clip above.

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