Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder said today that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression is deeply worrying and threatening, but it is not yet worthy of comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

Daalder was reacting to comments from Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson, the commander in charge of the majority of America’s nuclear missiles. Wilson recently warned that Putin has too much power, going so far as to draw parallels between Russia’s actions and the rise of Nazi Germany.

Daalder told Jon Scott on "Shepard Smith Reporting" that we're not seeing the militarization of a whole country, as we did with Germany in the 1930s, but Putin certainly isn't bluffing.

Daalder asserted that the Russian president will continue to try to destabilize Ukraine and other former U.S.S.R. states.

Scott asked if the U.S.'s deployment of heavy weaponry - including about 250 tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment - across six European nations will ratchet up the tensions in the region.

"The message here is that the United States and the NATO allies are prepared to do what is necessary to defend their NATO allies in Eastern Europe," Daalder explained. "And Vladimir Putin better take notice of this. In that sense, it tends to ratchet the pressure down."

Daalder said he's more worried about Russian aircraft "buzzing" U.S. ships and aircraft and flying without transponders. He said that could easily lead to an accident, which could result in a rapid escalation of the conflict.

"If the only language we're using is that of military force, the possibility exists that an accident occurs and things escalate, so it's a deeply worrying trend in the relationship."

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