On "Special Report," Charles Krauthammer blasted the Obama administration's reaction to a pair of massive cyberattacks that compromised the personal data of at least 18 million current, former or prospective U.S. government employees.

According to officials, China is the primary suspect behind at least one of the attacks. Lawmakers, such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), have accused the administration of playing down the cybertheft in order to maintain a dialogue with China.

"I think what's astonishing is not just the incompetence that you heard from the witnesses today in Congress, but the passivity and the flaccidity of this administration," Krauthammer said. "The weakness of this response is simply astonishing."

He said that the U.S. should retaliate against China with a hack attack of our own.

"Say very quietly, nothing in public, 'You hit us, we're going to hit you back,'" Krauthammer said. "This is how we kept the peace and we kept the terms with the Russians."

"The probability of that being our policy is near zero."

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