Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee pushed back Monday against the notion that Hillary Clinton's nomination is "inevitable."

Neil Cavuto asked Chafee for his take on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) being able to steal some support from Clinton in recent polls.

A poll last week in New Hampshire found Clinton's lead on Sanders to be only 10 points.

"I've always thought that Secretary Clinton is not the inevitable nominee that everyone portrayed her as, [with] this coronation. I never thought that was true," said Chafee. 

Chafee argued that he believes Clinton's support for the Iraq War, while she served as a U.S. senator, will continue to hurt her candidacy.

He said that the "mistake" of invading Iraq continues to cause problems for the United States, pointing to the VA's mistreatment of veterans and dealing with Iran. 

Chafee said that as secretary of state, Clinton supported the "same muscular approach" to foreign policy, which did not work in the Middle East and North Africa.  The former Republican senator said the Democratic landscape has changed "quickly" since Sanders entered the race.

Watch the interview above.