On "The Kelly File" tonight, Brit Hume reacted to the White House's claim that President Barack Obama sparked a dialogue about race in America with his use of the n-word.

Hume told Megyn Kelly that he disagrees with the White House and that he doesn't think Obama's comments triggered a conversation.

"We're not going to get there by virtue of what the president said," Hume stated. "He's dealing with ... people who are so afraid of being labeled racists, especially white Americans."

Hume said he's troubled by Obama and other liberals calling for an honest conversation about race. 

"They don't really want an honest conversation about race," Hume asserted. "In fact, the issue of race has been enormously beneficial to President Obama. In addition to that, I think Americans by and large were impressed with Barack Obama and wanted to see him move up in the world and become president in part because he was black."

"I think his race has been an asset to him politically and otherwise perhaps," Hume added.

 Watch the video above.

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