Bill O'Reilly and Kirsten Powers got into a heated debate on "The Factor," disagreeing about the prevalence of racism in America. 

O'Reilly brought in Powers and Monica Crowley to react after he argued in his Talking Points Memo that "America haters are trying to brand the country as racist."

"I have traveled to 80 countries, and I can tell you there is more racial harmony in the USA than in 90 percent of the places that I visited," said O'Reilly.

He pointed to 2013 FBI stats showing that out of nearly 1.16 million violent crimes, only 3,563 were characterized as race-based hate crimes.

"So you can see that in a nation of 320 million people, we are not awash in racial warfare," he said.

Powers said she believes that racism remains a "serious issue" in this country.

"I don't know why you are so unable to see that," she said to O'Reilly, disputing his contention that there is a narrative being "sold" about America being a racist society. 

O'Reilly told Powers if she can't see that argument being made by some, then she "must be living in a hut somewhere with no electricity."

"I'm living in the real world, where you can actually defend America and people don't attack you. ... I defend America all the time," she countered.

O'Reilly argued that every country has racist elements within it, and you can't have a "perfect world."

"We don't have a system where racism is acceptable at all," O'Reilly stated. "We don't."

Powers said there are "a lot of people" in America that are racist, and not everybody is willing to acknowledge that. 

"Most Americans are not racist! They're not!" O'Reilly fired back, adding that "you can't run public policy because there are fringe elements who are insane."

Powers disagreed that the problem is only limited to fringe elements. 

Watch the full debate: 

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