A North Carolina teen accused of plotting an ISIS-inspired attack was turned in by his Marine father.

Justin Nojan Sullivan, 19, was arrested Friday after investigators say he admitted online to an undercover agent that he planned to attack Americans.

Court documents allege that Sullivan was planning an attack to claim hundreds of lives. They say he also wanted to murder his parents and recruit Americans for ISIS.

The New York Daily News reported:

Sullivan had already obtained a silencer at the time of his arrest but authorities say it had been given to him by an FBI undercover employee who feigned interest in joining his planned attack in conversations online.

"Our attack needs to be as big as possible ... we can do minor assassinations before the big attack for training," Sullivan allegedly told that employee of his sinister plot which included coating bullets in cyanide.

"Even if we get someone in the arm they'll still die because of the poison ... it's vengeance," he allegedly said.

His father Rich Sullivan tipped off authorities to his son’s behavior. His dad first called police in April and claimed that the teen was destroying religious items in their home.

Sullivan’s father said he has no regrets over turning his son in.

“He was already in too deep, and he just went farther than he probably should have,” he said.

Sullivan is due in court today.

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