As the presidential race heats up, every candidate wants to get the youth vote. But they might be a bit surprised to find out which candidates students are talking about.

Campus Reform correspondent Cabot Phillips visited the National Mall to see who young people are supporting in 2016.

The answers were a bit troubling, with students enthusiastically offering advice or support for non-candidates such as John Stamos, General Mills and Sen. Jon Bon Jovi.

On "The Five," Melissa Francis pointed out that the real punch line is that each student eventually revealed that they would be voting for Hillary Clinton anyway.

"I think everybody out there should be more paranoid about this," Francis said.

Tom Shillue suggested that young people have never known what was going on.

"In the 60s, when they were anti-war and the women's movement, I think they were more politically conscious," Juan Williams said. "I think these folks are politically dead to the world. And then they're faking it. They're lying about it."

See more reaction from the co-hosts of "The Five" above and watch the full Campus Reform video below.

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