It appears that the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs has new troubles.

The number of veterans on waiting lists for health care is now 50 percent higher than it was at the height of last year's VA scandal, according to a New York Times report.

Rich Edson explained on "Happening Now" that the government promised to fix long wait times and shoddy record-keeping at the agency, but this new report reveals that the number of veterans who had to wait a month or longer for health care is actually up 50 percent from one year ago.

"The report also claims the VA is trying to work through a $3 billion budget shortfall," Edson said. "Much of the increase in wait times is the result, they say, of greater demand from veterans for health care."

Edson added that VA costs are also rising because of programs that pay for outside doctors to treat vets.

He said the report reveals that the agency is considering furloughs, hiring freezes and possibly even rationing certain treatment.

Edson noted that VA officials are expected to petition Congress this week to allow them to shift money into programs running short of cash.

"We've reached out to the VA Department for response and confirmation, but haven't heard back," Edson said.

Watch the troubling "Happening Now" report above.

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