Meet Tom Shillue, the new host of Fox News Channel's "Red Eye."

We set out to find five things that we didn't know about Tom — and learned a few funny, interesting and bizarre things in the process.

Tune in weekdays at 3a ET to catch "Red Eye" on Fox News, and read on to learn five things you probably didn't know about Tom.

1. Tom's a Member of Not One — But Two — Quartets

You may know that Tom sings with Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Gals…

…but he has also been singing with his hometown quartet Scollay Square since 1985. They won the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Northeastern District Championship in 2003.

2. He Met His Wife Through Jim Gaffigan

Tom was introduced to his wife through fellow comedian Jim Gaffigan. The Shillues (plus two kids) are still close friends with the Gaffigans (plus five kids).

3. Tom Released 12 Comedy Albums in 12 Months

He put out one live comedy album a month for a year in 2013. It’s probably a world record, but Tom doesn’t mind if you try to break it. The more laughs, the better.

4. He Holds a Very Interesting World Record

Tom holds the world record for rapid Adam’s apple bobbing.

5. He's Been Known to Get a Little Crazy at Weddings

We think the picture speaks for itself, don't you?

Former "Red Eye" host Greg Gutfeld had some advice for Tom as he officially takes over as host of the late night show.

Greg suggested that Tom "make as many inflammatory comments as possible." He also recommended booking crazy people and making fun of other cultures.

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