Some Californians are "teed off" that President Barack Obama spent Father's Day weekend golfing in the drought-stricken state.

The president visited Sunnylands, which is one of more than 120 golf courses in Coachella Valley. These courses consume 17 percent of the area's water, according to Time.

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Nearby cities have been struggling amid a mandatory order to reduce water use by 25 percent.

Time reported:

En route to California, White House spokesman Eric Schultz wrote off the concern over golfing in the drought as a non-issue. The visit follows a conference call the president had with western state governors about the historic drought, during which he pledged $100 million to help fight wildfires. On Friday, the White House said Obama met with Brown to discuss federal, local, and state efforts to deal with the drought and wildfires.

“This administration’s commitment to helping those affected by the drought is second to none,” Schultz said.

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