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'Don't Screw It Up Like Last Week': Watch 'Greg Gutfeld Show' Highlights

To celebrate Father's Day, Joanne hit the streets of New York City to watch dads do "dad stuff."

From opening jars to solving math equations, from playing catch to hating Greg's book, Joanne got a hilarious, up-close look at fathers in their natural element.

Greg Gutfeld opened the show with a commentary on the recent arrests of young people suspected of trying to join ISIS.

After last week's racially motivated massacre at a South Carolina church, Gutfeld warned of the dangers of young "losers."

He asked whether the United States is losing the "propaganda war" against ISIS. 

"You have to embrace our values before you can exhalt them. Sadly, our leaders are more decisive about Celsius, than ISIS. And that emboldens heathens. To fight evil, you have to believe, first, that you are good," he said.

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Greg noted the joy expressed by comedians such as Larry Wilmore, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.

"See, these poor souls have been stuck for years in the joke desert with President Obama," Greg said. "As long as Obama's on the main stage, it's a chastity belt on your funny bone."

He said Trump jokes are fun, but they're just too easy.

Gavin McInnes joined the program and said it's beholden upon the people who mock Trump to prove that The Donald's statements - or "hate facts," as McInnes calls them - are false.

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