On "Hannity" tonight, the family of a reverend killed in last week's horrific shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church reflected on the tragedy.

Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr. was one of the nine people gunned down by Dylann Roof in the historic church.

His granddaughter, Alana Simmons, and his widow, Annie Simmons, shared that the community's support has helped them tremendously through this difficult time.

"For the past few days, since this incident happened, it has been an outpouring of support from the community, the church community, the corporate world community and many friends," Annie Simmons stated. "I really feel very strong, very grateful and I'm thankful."

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Alana Simmons said that her family's decision to talk publicly was based on her grandfather's love and prayer. 

"Before we discuss anything we have family prayer," Alana Simmons said. "My grandfather was big on that. Whenever we went anywhere ... before we ate, before we did anything as a unit we always had a prayer."

"We're going to honor our grandfather as if he were still here," she added. "We're going to talk about the things that he loved."

Watch the video above.

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