On "The Kelly File" tonight, Ann Coulter blasted liberals for their hypocrisy over the series of Associated Press photos showing a pistol pointed at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's head

The photos were taken this weekend in Johnston, Iowa at a "Celebrate the 2nd Amendment Event." 

"The images were not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light," the AP said in a statement. The photos have since been removed.

"That is so outrageous, don't insult our intelligence," Coulter said of the AP's statement about the photos. 

Megyn Kelly told Coulter "the left would have been losing their mind over this" if the photo was of Hillary Clinton or President Obama instead of Cruz.

Coulter stated "that everything reminds liberals that this is a racist country" and the AP would not have published photos of a gun being pointed at a Democrat's head. 

She noted one of the biggest claims made in the past by liberals was that Obama received Secret Service protection before any other president.

"No he didn't. He got it three months after he declared for president," Coulter said of Obama. "For the first two years after Obama announced ... it was repeated endlessly that he was getting more threats, you know again because we're a massively racist country."

She stated that at the end of 2009, the head of the Secret Service testified under oath that Obama didn't receive more threats than the last two presidents. 

"It's just liberals' fantasies about racist America," Coulter asserted. "Maybe we can back off the hysteria about America being a racist country every time the sun rises."  

Watch the discussion above.

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