As the country reels from the horrific Charleston church massacre, many churchgoers are feeling vulnerable. Some are even asking if it's time to arm pastors in houses of worship.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard and Dr. Bryant Marks debated the issue on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning.

"The good thing about being a concealed carry holder is that you are concealed," Blanchard said. "Nobody would know that I was armed, except for a small circle of elders and church administrators. And it would just be an unknown thing. But it would get out that the pastor might be armed, which, again, is a deterrent. And that alone might save some lives."

Marks disagreed, saying he understands the desire to protect parishioners, but explaining that someone carrying a lethal weapon while preaching the word of God doesn't seem to fit.

"I agree with having security in the sanctuary to protect folks, but the pastor actually being strapped while he's preaching and praying and singing and reading scripture just doesn't seem to be appropriate for that space," Marks said.

Blanchard said that an legally armed pastor would have training and would be able to identify a legitimate threat.

"It’s the position that you’re in as a shepherd to lay down your life if you have to for your sheep, to set the standard that while you’re here, while you’re worshipping, while you’re in this hospital of prayer, that you’ll be safe, that everything will be OK. And it starts from the top," Blanchard said.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" debate above.

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