A North Carolina florist credited "God's plan" and "Fox and Friends" after her quick thinking led police to the man who murdered nine African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C. church.

Debbie Dills said she was watching "Fox and Friends" yesterday and saw the reports about the mass shooting. She said she took note of the surveillance photos released by police, including of the suspect's car.

Dills spoke to Steve, Elisabeth and Brian this morning, taking them through the amazing series of events. Dills said she was running late on Highway 74 near Shelby, in the southern part of North Carolina, when she came up behind a car that "looked familiar."

"It was because of the pictures I saw on Fox News. I’m calling it divine intervention. I believe God had a plan in it," she said. 

Dills said she noticed the marking on the front license plate, which police had pointed out as being a "distinct" plate, and that the driver had a "bowl haircut."

Dills said she became a little nervous at that point, saying, "I'm not a hero and I'm not brave."

"I just started talking to the Lord about it," she recalled, adding that she got off at the next exit and called her boss, Todd Frady, who immediately called 911.

Dills said she stayed on the phone while Frady talked to police. She then quickly got back on the highway and caught up with Roof and the police arrived in a matter of minutes.

"I’m not the hero. God is the hero. He just used me. If we are a willing vessel, He can use us, but we got to open up our hearts and our minds. I don’t know why He chose me and He chose Todd and He chose us to do this, but He’s got to be glorified in everything. He’s going to get the glory one way or the other and I hope it's through me. I hope He’s pleased with me. I want Him to be pleased with me more than anything else," Dills said through tears.

Steve Doocy noted that Roof had driven about 250 miles away from the murder scene, passing hundreds if not thousands of cars, but Dills was the one who noticed him and called police. 

Watch the powerful interview above.

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