Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) reacted on "The Kelly File" tonight to comments President Barack Obama made about the deadly shooting at a historic South Carolina church.

"I think the president is off base on this one to be honest with you," Scott told Martha MacCallum. "The fact of the matter is that, what type of gun law would have made this situation not occur?"

Scott noted the shooter had already broken current gun laws by going into a church with a weapon as a felon.   

"The laws were already broken," Scott stated. "To suggest that there's somehow a way for us to specifically stop this occurrence with gun legislation seems to be inconsistence with the facts as we know them on the ground."

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MacCallum also asked Scott what he thinks about how some in the media are trying to characterize the shooter and the role of race in this situation. 

"Well I think what's true is that we have a man who committed a heinous crime and it seemed like his heart was completely filled with hate..." Scott replied. "For me, what I am looking at is a community that's suffering because of his actions."

He added that authorities did a great job of apprehending the gunman.

Watch the video above.