Greg Gutfeld reacted to the rhetoric and politics involved in the aftermath of the horrific South Carolina church shooting. 

"This shooter, why name him, should be boiled alive," Gutfeld asserted. "The rest of us, though, should seek common ground or we'll go around this track forever."

"Obviously when a racist act occurs, it's proof that racism exists and may never, ever go away. A leftover scab from the early days of group living. However, when you use this murderous act to represent a greater whole, as if society itself pulled this trigger, then you diminish evil," he said. 

Gutfeld noted that society didn't rejoice when the shooting happened. 

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"Instead, hearing the news was like ingesting ipecac. It made us sick to our stomachs," he stated. "A racist country doesn't recoil. So this was a racist act, but it was also terror. Forget mental illness. If this punk is deranged, then so is ISIS."

Gutfeld said "insanity should be case by case, not race by race." 

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