Neil Cavuto brought us a fantastic tribute to Marvin Himelfarb, described as "the man, the myth, the legend" (and in-house Santa) of Fox News.

Marvin can always be found inside the Fox News headquarters laughing or making someone else laugh.

Himelfarb, a senior producer who previously worked on primetime TV shows like "Silver Spoons" and "Hart to Hart," is now retiring after 19 years at Fox.

Before his departure, "Your World" went around Fox News and found no shortage of people who were eager to wish Marvin well. 

The most common thought? 

He always makes people laugh or has a positive word to say. 

"There are few of that kind left here. I'll miss him," said Shepard Smith. 

Bill O'Reilly joked, "I'll miss Marvin's beard. There really isn't another one quite like that in the Western Hemisphere."

Watch the awesome tribute above followed by one last round of laughs with Marvin on Wednesday's show. 

And Marvin, we wish you well!