Two florists reportedly made the initial calls that led to the arrest of suspected Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof in North Carolina. 

Debbie Dills said she was praying for the victims and their families early Thursday morning while driving on Highway 74. That's when she reportedly spotted the 21-year-old driving a black Hyundai.

"He just looked like a young boy," Dills told WBTV. "I believe it was the Lord. I believe God intervened to help me know that it was him."

Dills called her boss, Todd Frady, to ask for his advice on what she should do. 

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The Shelby Star reported Frady immediately called Officer Shane Davis of the Kings Mountain Police Department. Davis alerted the Shelby Police Department to let them know that the suspect was spotted traveling in the area. 

Dills continued to follow Roof until police arrived to apprehend him. 

"I'm no hero, I was scared, I was scared," Dills said. "I told Todd, I tell you what, If something happens here, if this man gets out and shoots me, I'm going to be in glory with my brothers and sisters in Christ that left here."