Sean Hannity spoke to Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump tonight about ISIS, Trump's candidacy, his GOP rivals and much more.

Check out some of Trump's most interesting quotes from the interview. Plus, watch the video clips above and below.

Trump on why he's running for president:

"We are a whipping post, we are a laughingstock as a country, we are not respected anymore, and that's why I decided to run for president because I don't want to take it anymore."

Hannity asked Trump what he thinks of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.):

"I think he’s an overrated guy, I think that I have much better hair than he does. [...] I really do think he was very disloyal to Bush. I think he was unbelievably – because Bush, by all accounts, was his mentor."

Trump on what he thinks of Jeb Bush:

"I think he’s probably a nice guy. [...] He looks very unhappy to me – he doesn’t look like a person who wants to be doing this."

Hannity asked Trump how he would fix the economy:

"We have to bring jobs back to our country, we have to bring manufacturing back to our country, we have to bring our money back. We have tremendous potential in this, but you know what Sean, if it’s not done soon, if we go another four, or five, or six years like this, we’re never gonna be able to bring it back."

Trump on how he would defeat ISIS:

"ISIS is tremendously rich. They’re rich, you know why? Because of the oil, they have the oil. That’s why they’re rich ... They’re building a hotel in Syria. Can you believe ISIS is building a hotel? They’re in competition with me now. They’re building a hotel – they have so much money. You bomb the hell out of the oil. Don’t worry about the cities, the cities are terrible that they took over ...  And you kill them at the head."

Hannity asked Trump why he is the most qualified to be president of the United States:

"I built an unbelievable company, international, all over the world, released my financials yesterday – and I’m not bragging about financials, the last person that actually wants to do that is me. But I released about $9 billion of the finest real estate in the world with very little, almost no debt – a great, great company. And again, all over the world, I deal with people all over the world. I beat China in so many different things – I beat people, I win."

Hannity pressed Trump further, asking how he would beat China:

"Well, let me just explain first, this is the mindset that our country needs. We have people that don’t have a clue."

Trump on how he would handle Russia and Vladimir Putin:

"Putin truly hates Obama. He thinks he’s terrible. He thinks he’s arrogant. He thinks he’s just terrible."

Hannity asked if Putin told Trump that he hates Obama:

"I don’t want to say. He hates Obama and Obama hates him, in all fairness."

Trump on what he thinks about Hillary Clinton as the next president:

“It’s going to be a third Obama term.”

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