On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to last night's fatal shooting at a South Carolina church, calling it an "unspeakable crime."

Gutfeld said that "a number of human, natural responses occur" after a crime like this happens. 

"Most people grieve - horror stricken over this cowardly deed," he stated. "Some make sense, through degrees of connection."

He noted there are even people who champion a point, such as how President Barack Obama called for stricter gun control in a speech earlier today. 

Gutfeld stated that "often the most certain of these voices are furthest from the pain, so it's easier to pontificate."

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"We know horrors like this must be discussed, and if evil didn't generate conversations, some may never ever take place," Gutfeld said. "However, even as a paid loudmouth like I am, I say, pipe down. Put off the pointing of fingers. We can unite, even temporarily, under universal sorrow and sympathy ... and then get back to the shouting later."

Gutfeld added the more "horrific" a crime is, the "smaller the perpetrator."

"You can address the enormity of the act, without attributing the magnitude to the ghoul involved," he asserted. "Why give a tiny speck of dirt the attention it craves? Never award infamy with more infamy. We can't let a fiend test our fabric."

Watch Gutfeld's monologue above.