The lawyer for a former Amherst College student said the man's life is in "complete ruins" after he was falsely accused of rape in 2012.

The plaintiff, listed in court filings as John Doe, says he was expelled because administrators wanted to show they were tough on sex offenders.

Trace Gallagher reported yesterday in a "Kelly File" investigation that Doe's attorney, Max Stern, discovered text messages from the accuser which suggest that the accuser may have sexually assaulted Doe.

Stern said his client is not interested in "prosecuting" the accuser.  

"We are simply interested in getting relief for this man who was a wonderful student," Stern shared. "He was a first-generation citizen of the United States, he was doing so well at Amherst, the world was his oyster."

Stern said his client's future was in "complete ruins" after a period of six weeks.

"He suffers from shame and embarrassment, he's depressed, he doesn't sleep at night," Stern added. 

Watch the video above.

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