A Brazilian official credits more makeup and shorter shorts for the growth of women’s soccer.

Marco Aurelio Cunha, the head of coordination for women’s soccer in Brazil, said that the female players “are getting more beautiful, putting on makeup.”

“Women’s football used to copy men’s football. Even the jersey model, it was more masculine. We used to dress the girls as boys. So the team lacked a spirit of elegance, femininity. Now the shorts are a bit shorter, the hair styles are more done up. It’s not a woman dressed as a man,” he told The Globe and Mail.

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The hosts of “Outnumbered” sounded off on Cunha’s comments, which some people have criticized as sexist.

Sandra Smith dismissed the idea that soccer is growing due to these women’s looks, noting that soccer has just become more popular in the U.S. in recent years.

“If it makes them feel good on the field, do it,” Andrea Tantaros said of players who wear makeup.

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