After a little boy lost his beloved stuffed tiger at the Tampa International Airport, airport workers went way above the call of duty, documenting the tiger's activities while he waited for his best friend to return.

Six-year-old Owen Lake accidentally left Hobbes behind at the airport as he and his family traveled to Houston for a family member's high school graduation.

After a frantic call from Owen's mother, an airport-wide search commenced. Luckily, a janitorial services crew found Hobbes near the children’s play area.

Airport Operations Center manager Tony D’Aiuto had a great idea: Why not take the stuffed animal on a tour of the airport while he awaits his owner’s return?

D’Aiuto not only took the tiger on a hilarious, behind-the-scenes adventure during his lunch breaks, he also made a photo book of Hobbes' experiences.

Hobbes got to ride on a luggage cart.

He lent a hand to a ticketing agent.

He helped baggage handlers load luggage on the tarmac.

The stuffed tiger got some exercise at the employee gym.

He visited the food court for some tasty gelato.

Hobbes even got to check out the control tower!

When the Lake family returned from their trip, Owen was reunited with Hobbes and given the photo book detailing all the tiger’s hijinks.

"We had been telling him, 'Hobbes is going on an adventure. He's going to be on an adventure, and everything's going to be fine,'" Owen's mother, Amanda Lake, said. "Little did we know, he actually was having his own adventures."

"I love him so much more than I love anything else," an appreciative Owen said.

"But I still love you," he added, pointing to his mom.

Watch the heartwarming "Happening Now" clip above.

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