Greg Gutfeld reacted on "The Five" to comedy powerhouse Judd Apatow's assertion that rich people don't care about others.

"I just think it’s ridiculous that anybody thinks that rich people care about other people," Apatow said on Bloomberg's "With All Due Respect." "It’s just as simple as that. Like when the Koch brothers give, like, a billion dollars for the new election cycle, it isn’t out of a great concern for the masses. So, everyone is forced into this game."

"Hollywood liberals would be willing to change the entire system, if we all would get the money out of it," Apatow continued. "And I don't think the conservatives would do it."

Gutfeld blasted Apatow's "hypocrisy" in his monologue on "The Five."

"To him, a rich liberal can flood politics with money, because it's for the greater good," Gutfeld said. "Your rich people are evil; my rich people, good."

"This is a conviction driven by an insecurity prevalent in novices playing catch-up with newfound politics," Gutfeld stated. "So, Judd's not evil. He's sometimes right and he's sometimes wrong. But he'd probably never say that about us, which makes you worry how far his side might go to hurt its opponents."

"If all disagreement is rooted in malice, then everything's permitted when you're fighting evil. Demonize, ostracize, then pulverize, all in the name of the greater good."

Watch Gutfeld's monologue above.

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