A family is accusing police officers in Ohio of using excessive force against them after a confrontation at a community-owned swimming pool was caught on video.

Krystal Dixon and her sister, Maya Dixon, are facing disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges after their children were asked to leave a pool on June 9. The group of youths were asked to leave by staff members because one of them reportedly didn't have a swimsuit.

The details of what happened exactly are being disputed, but the video shows police officers physically restraining the youths and adults involved. The family is accusing police officers of using excessive force, but officers claim they were just doing their jobs. 

Cincinnati.com reported:

But Fairfield Police Chief Michael J. Dickey said the video clips only reinforced his opinion officers acted appropriately.

"All they are trying to do is calm everyone down," Dickey told The Enquirer. "It's just business."

Fairfield Mayor Steve Miller has seen surveillance video of the incident and reviewed a preliminary police report. He agreed with his police chief.

"This is an unfortunate situation and our officers had a tough situation there. But I think they did a good job in showing restraint," Miller said.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Megyn Kelly tonight that he thinks the police officers used an appropriate amount of force in this situation. He said people need to comply with police officers' commands instead of resisting them.

"I think even a little more force would have been reasonable under [these] circumstances. They were getting no compliance to their lawful commands," Clarke stated. "I'm getting sick and tired of people engaging the police in these situations, not complying with their lawful commands, resisting arrest, fighting the police and [think that the police should just go home."

"When you get into a physical confrontation with a law enforcement officer, you can expect to get hurt," Clarke added.

Kelly noted that there's an allegation of racism and excessive force in this situation. 

"There's no racism there, Megyn, there's no racism," Clarke responded.

Clarke said he has three words for people who think there's a racial component to this story: "Shut up already."

Watch the video below to hear insight from the family's attorney, Clyde Bennett II, on "The Kelly File."

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