Two gruesome shark attacks in North Carolina and a series of shark sightings in Florida have left many beachgoers around the country nervous.

Lifeguards at one Southern California beach are taking to the sky and using a drone to spot sharks.

Joe Bailey, marine safety chief for Seal Beach in Orange County, Calif., explained on "Happening Now" today that they were using lifeguard personnel to search for sharks, but the results were hit and miss.

The drone technology allows them to see where the sharks are without actually having to enter the water or use extensive manpower in the search.

"We try and film the water two or three times a week," Bailey said. "We'll take our drone or quadcopter over to the beach, launch it. And in ten minutes, we can fly the whole three-quarters of a mile. If we see any dark spots in the water, we'll go down lower and take a look with the camera and try and focus in and see what it is ... It's been a very effective tool for us."

He said on Monday, they saw 10 sharks in just 10 to 15 minutes.

He explained that they are posting signs warning beachgoers of shark sightings, but the beach will remain open to the public until there are signs that the sharks are becoming aggressive.

Watch the "Happening Now" clip above.

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