Newly discovered emails that a longtime confidant to Hillary Clinton recently handed over to the House Benghazi Committee raise new questions about whether Clinton complied with federal records laws and why those emails were apparently withheld.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), chairman of the panel, said, "I think it's noteworthy that no committee of Congress that has previously looked into Benghazi or Libya uncovered these memos. And I will leave it to you to figure out whether there was a failure to produce on the former secretary's part or a failure to produce on the Department of State's behalf."

Judge Andrew Napolitano noted on "The Real Story" that the Clinton advisor who provided the emails, Sidney Blumenthal, was hired by the Clinton Foundation and paid a salary to advise her.

"What did he tell her? Did he tell her information that is consistent with what she said she knew? Did she lie when she testified to a Senate committee already about things that she said she didn't know about, because we know that Sidney Blumenthal told her those things before she gave the testimony?" Judge Napolitano wondered.

He explained that the key issue is if Clinton violated federal law by willingly withholding information from the State Department.

"The jury is out on how aggressive the committee wants to be with Mrs. Clinton and with her husband's server," Judge Napolitano said.

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