Prom season is upon us. Although the semi-formal dance is a rite of passage for high schoolers, it can be a major headache for parents.

Peter Johnson Jr. appeared on "Fox and Friends" to share insight on all the problems that can come with hosting post-prom parties and what parents need to know.

Johnson revealed that even if all the guests and parents sign a release or waiver, the adult hosts are still legally liable, criminally and civilly.

He added that's true even if the parents aren't at home for the party.

"In almost every state in the country, if you negligently supervise a group of minors or you contribute to the delinquency of a minor, you can be charged, you can go to jail. And people have gone to jail as a result of a lack of supervision," Johnson said. "You need to be really careful. And you need to be there if you're having that party."

Johnson said it's important to lay out the rules of the house, particularly three key policies: No booze, no drugs and no hooking up.

"All of us have an obligation to look after each other, especially 17 and 18-year-olds in this great, great season."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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