"Hannity" producers were in Roosevelt Island, New York, this past weekend for Hillary Clinton's big campaign speech.

They tracked down some of the former First Lady's supporters and asked for their thoughts on the Clinton Foundation accepting foreign donations. 

Included on the list of donors are big contributions from countries with questionable human rights records, like Saudi Arabia. 

Overall, the respondents seemed to give her a pass on the issue or believe that the contributions are not a big deal. 

The answers included: 

"I think they all do it. I think it was all in good faith."

"I don't know too much about what's going on with the Clinton Foundation. I'm trying to read about that."

"A little shady. Something's probably going on there."

"They take that money to spend it on doing aid work in Africa and amazing work throughout the world."

Hannity asked for some reaction from Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has urged the foundation to give back the money. 

"It’s going to be very hard for her to run as the candidate for women’s rights when she’s taking [this] money. She took money from the Sultan of Brunei, where adultery is punished by stoning. It's going to be hard to be the champion of women's rights when you're taking money from these places," said Paul.

Hannity noted that he cannot find any instances of Clinton criticizing the policies of these countries. 

Watch the full segment above.