As the manhunt continues for two convicted murderers who escaped from an upstate New York maximum-security prison, many are wondering how Richard Matt and David Sweat successfully pulled off their daring escape.

Larry Lawton, a former jewel thief and convict turned motivational speaker, said on "After The Bell" today that he believes Matt and Sweat are "long gone."

He said that prisoners have an incredible amount of ingenuity, creating homemade tattoo guns, building their own lighters from random materials and removing blades from razors for weapons.

"To find out and to think of how much ingenuity these guys have, it'll boggle your mind," Lawton said.

Melissa Francis noted that Matt and Sweat received help in their escape from a female prison worker. She asked if that kind of contact is a common occurrence in prisons.

"It is pretty common," Lawton said, noting that during his 11 years in jail, he saw guards bring in alcohol, cell phones, drugs and other items. "There really is a fine line between a guard and an inmate."

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