Charles Krauthammer explained tonight the strategy he believes Hillary Clinton is employing in her attempt to win the White House.

Bill O'Reilly asked Krauthammer whether he was surprised to hear Clinton emphatically defend President Obama in her speech over the weekend. 

O'Reilly said he was surprised to hear Clinton say that Obama has done an "extraordinary job."

Krauthammer said he was not surprised because he believes Clinton's strategy is to try to do the same things Obama did successfully in 2008 and 2012. 

He said she has "no choice" but to "drive left" in order to to target the same constituencies that went to the polls in large numbers to support Obama. 

Krauthammer said higher-than-average turnout from Hispanics, African-Americans, single women, and young people drove Obama to victory in the last two elections.

"That means dividing America, which we know is what Obama did. But he did it successfully as a candidate. I don't think she can do it the way he did it. But that is her strategy," said Krauthammer. 

In terms of Jeb Bush, Krauthammer said that his name is initially "jarring."

"I do think it immediately conjures up legacy, it immediately conjures up entitlement, royalty, all of that ... but I think Jeb has a lot more leeway, a lot more room to undo that," Krauthammer said. 

He added he thought Bush did a "very good job of defining himself" during his speech yesterday.

"He's trying to make the case that he's a conservative who can still win the general election and I thought he did it well," Krauthammer stated. 

Watch the full discussion above.

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